Posh Personal Chef Service

Ignite your palate. Nourish your soul.

Ignite your palate.

Nourish your soul.



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 (770) 875-5288 Click here to book your event.


As our customer, you have witnessed for yourself how we clean up during and after your event and how we have consistently handled your food using clean and food-safe protective measures.

During this unprecedented time of COVID 19, we all have quickly learned how to navigate through a pandemic Your Posh team wants to reassure you that we are taking extra protective measures to procure prepare, and deliver your food. As always, your food is being prepared by only Chef John & Chef Tanya.


Upon placing your order, please indicate to us whether you would like the front door or curbside service.

Thank you,

Posh #weareinthistogether




Welcome to The Posh Experience where we offer great tasting food prepared the way that you like it.


Our Culinary team has the knowledge & expertise to curate the best in both corporate, & social events. We have catered parties with guest counts upwards of 200. The Posh Chefs have proudly been apart of many baby announcements,  engagement dinners, corporate retreats, and grand openings just to name a few.


It's all in the details. Whether it is dinner for two or twenty-two, we've got you covered. 

Imagine having your own personal restaurant-style experience but without the hassle of getting in your car, driving to your favorite fancy restaurant, having to drive all the way back home. This is a luxury service where you are totally pampered with food and service from start to finish This is #theposhexperience.

We look forward to serving you.


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