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Meet our Chef

   Chef Tanya was born in New Orleans, La. and is a graduate of The Culinary Institute at Chattahoochee Tech of Atlanta, Georgia. Since the start of her culinary career began over 20 years ago she has become known for her flavorful style of cooking first in New Orleans, La, and now all over metro Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas.

Her passion for cooking and pampering those she served, led her to open Posh and become a Personal Chef. She not only loves cooking, but also sharing, and teaching the abundance of knowledge, wisdom, & recipes acquired through the years.

Chef Tanya's hobbies include collecting cookbooks & recipes from around the world; which allows her to create amazing menus to suit just about anyone.  

Make sure you get to taste the flavors of Posh and "ignite your palate and nourish your soul".

Send Personal Chef Services, Catering or Sweetie Posh Treats to someone in the area.

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